Friday, February 5, 2010

Hot sandwiches for a cold, gross day

The Hungry Hubby ended up getting the day off today, so when I got home from classes (and a spent-too-much-because-I-was-hungry grocery run) I made us some yummy, ewwy-gooey hot sandwiches to help up shake off the chill and drizzle of the day...

Here are the ingredients (I made a "normal" sammy for Hungry Hubby and a gluten-free sammy for my Celiac self, that's why two loaves of bread): 


Next step was to toast the gluten-free "tapioca loaf" slices because most GF breads taste HORRIBLE if left untoasted: 


While my bread was toasting, I assembled Hungry Hubby's sammies ("TWO please" he says!). Each sandwich had both colby jack and white sharp chedder cheese, turkey and ham, tomatoes, dijon mustard, and mayo.

Followed by a quick cheese melting/grilling on our trusty Cuisinart Griddler...

 ... these delicious lunches were ready to go! Thumbs up all around! 
The Hungry Hubby commented that these were much better than "just plain 'ole grilled cheese"


  1. You own a griddler like that and haven't made him cubans yet?
    Please, lady. Get real.


  2. hmmmm...cubans... last time I had one of those was in the Miami airport a million years ago.

    I was thinking Rubens would be the next hot sandwich -- using the Paninni plates...

  3. dang ole man do I love a good rueben

  4. when you come visit I'll make you some.