Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Easy Pasta Primavera

Ok. I'm sure you and The Hungry Hubby are getting a bit tired of pasta, but I'm pregnant and baby wants PASTA!
This is my "cheater" version. I'll put my "real" version up eventually, as I'm still perfecting it!

3 cups GF pasta
16 oz bag of mixed frozen veggies (or leftover steamed broccoli, or whatever) 
Velvetta 2% (It's what we had on hand, and it melts well) 
1. Boil the pasta
 2. Add frozen veggies for the last 7 minutes
3. Drain pasta and veggie mix, return to pot over "LOW"
4. Add cut-up Velveeta and mix it till it melts (just eyeball the cheese, I've been wanting a TON)


It's good. And it's FAST.