Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Red Potato Fries with Herbs de Provence

The Hungry Hubby and I had a few people over for dinner earlier in the week (we should have taken a picture!), which made me more than happy because it meant I had an excuse to make LOTS of different dishes and get honest opinions about them. 
(How do you get honest opinions at a party? If you are unsure if your guests are sincere, ignore their "this is good" comments, take note of how much or how little is left of your dish!)
These fries were GONE and I made a boatload of them! 

What was the secret? I just bought a new jar of Penzeys' Herbs de Provence mix and coated the hot fries with it. 
See those purple flecks? Those are dried Lavender buds! Yum! The lavender really adds a subtle calm flavor to the herbs that is hard to describe.

For Red Potato Fries, you will need: 
Several pounds of small red potatoes (feel free to adjust the amount, depending on how many people you are serving), cut into wedges
 Sea Salt
Penzeys Herbs de Provence
Vegetable Oil

1. Fill a deep, cast iron skillet with vegetable oil, leaving about an inch of space between the oil and the rim; heat to medium high.

2. When the oil is hot, gently add the potato wedges to the hot oil. (The oil should bubble like crazy when the potatoes are added- that's how you know it's hot enough.) Cook the potatoes until they are golden brown on all sides and you are able to stick a fork through them. 
3. Using tongs, transfer cooked wedges to a heatproof dish (you can add more wedges to the hot oil at this point, or turn the heat off the oil.) 

4. Sprinkle the hot wedges with sea salt; toss the salted wedges in Herbs de Provence. 

Serve hot with organic ketchup. 
(Trust me, organic ketchup is different than you're used to!)

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