Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rainbow Chard with Goat Cheese

"Pepper Place" is our local Saturday Farmer's Market (which is The Hungry Baby's favorite place to go - she's gone every Saturday since she was born!) 

While there with my Mom and the Hungry Baby (less than a week after she was born!) I discovered my new favorite go-to veggie: 

isn't that just the yummiest thing you've ever seen? It is so easy to forget how beautiful food can be, right out of the ground! 

I bought a large bunch of these greens with the neon stems for $2 and rushed to cook them up the minute we got back home. 
Considering I had never even EATEN chard, much less cooked it, I just winged it and cooked these up like spinach. (FYI: cooked Rainbow Chard tends to have a spinach-y taste)

For Sauteed Rainbow Chard with Goat Cheese you will need: 

1 large bunch fresh rainbow chard, washed
1 "glug" Extra Virgin Olive Oil (about 3 turns around the pan)
1 or 2 cloves of garlic
3 or 4 tablespoons Chevre (fresh goat cheese)
Pinch Sea Salt
Fresh Cracked Pepper

1. Heat a skillet (cast iron works well) with olive oil to medium high

2. Peel and chop your garlic and saute it in the EVOO. 

3. Roughly chop the leaves of the chard (I also tend to chop a few inches of stems and toss those the mix too - rainbow chard is really good for you) and add them to the hot skillet, stirring frequently. (I use tongs to "toss" the leaves a bit)

4. When the chard barely begins to wilt, add about half of the Chevre to the pan. The cheese will melt to a heavy cream - make sure the Chard is evenly coated with this melted cheese. 

5. When the cheese is melted, IMMEDIATELY remove the pan from heat. (Don't just turn the burner off - TAKE THE PAN OFF THE HEAT BECAUSE THE HOT PAN WILL MAKE THE CHARD KEEP COOKING!)

6. After removing the pan from heat, break up the rest of the Chevre and add it to the chard. When the Chard is "just done", serve.

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